*** 1999 ***

McConnelsville Ohio 

Spencerville Ohio

North College Hill, Ohio

Guyandotte, WV

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Guyandotte, WV 1999


Colonel Eli Beachy of the Kentucky 8th Cavalry prepares his group for battle!

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Back at  camp, Private Troy Wilhelm is being honored with "The Most Improved " Plaque by Colonel Eli Beachy.

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The women of Guyandotte are protesting the presence of federal troops at this building!

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You never know what you might find at a re-enactment.

This is Dr.Lowry. He is a surgeon who embalms the dead soldiers for their trip back home.

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Chewe's Battery

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Here we are hiding on the bank of the Ohio River.

Young Private Ethan Lightle is waiting patiently.

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The Yanks are coming up the river in the old paddle steamer

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Private Michael Urban fires on  Johnny Reb

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Private Branden Urban is receiving instructions.

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The Battle Continues

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A grieving widow.

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Many brave men have died.

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Jim O'Moore has laid down his life for the cause.

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And the battle has taken a very grim toll.

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