*** 1999 ***

McConnelsville Ohio 

Spencerville Ohio

North College Hill, Ohio

Guyandotte, WV

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Spencerville, Ohio 1999


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Now ain't we a Pretty Pair ? General Anthony Lightle (left) and Colonel Eli Beachy (right) of the Kentucky 8th Cavalry are good friends.


General Anthony Lightle is assessing the battle!

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General Robert E. Lee C.S.A. is played by Chuck Eberle.

Chuck is an actual descendant of the well esteemed

" Robert E. Lee"

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Private Stephan "Jonsie" Jones is a Corporal in the 5th Colored Ohio. He is also a private researcher and historian. But today he galvanized as a rebel just to see what is was like. As you can see, he and his partner , Private Christopher Dreger of the Kentucky 8th was captured in a corn field by 1st Sergeant James Hunter and his cousin Randy of the 73rd O.V.I. .  The prisoners are being held guard by Catherine of the 30th Ohio.

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We tried to exchange the prisoners with the rebels, they refused....

So we executed them!


Confederate Artillery

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Union Artillery

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The Confederate artillery bombs our headquarters.

The wounded Rebel is 1st Sergent Kevin Bailey of the Kentucky 8th.

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Lt. Col., Brandon Lightle (left) and Corporal Clayton lead the union soldiers to the battle.


Private Michael Urban Carries the flag


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